1. End of Day 6 - Milepost 383, May 17

    "Cold cold cold cold cold.  It was really hard to start out this morning because it was so cold.  And it really only got worse ascending to over a mile in elevation for the first time!  There was still ice and snow up there.  I couldn’t really feel my hands at all.  I saw the road to Mt. Mitchell, but that will have to wait til another day.  I thought that might be the end of my climbing, but it still went up for another 7 miles or so >:|.  I finally got to descend into Asheville, which took a really long time.  I was almost on time for Damtoft’s graduation, but I never made it due to the fact that I didn’t know where his college was at, nor what the name of his college was…  I stopped at Subway, then got picked up and had BBQ, then graduation dinner.  Good times with friends."

    Memorable things about the day:

    • Turkeys everywhere.  Good luck taking a picture of one.  These birds of stealth will make sure you only see them once.
    • Long descents without needing to brake.  Almost boring really.
    • Fancy cafes = Tiny food of only decent quality
    • "Goodbye, my hard-earned elevation!" - me, losing 3000’ at once
    • Pretty much stuffed myself with any food I could find.  Sub sandwich, BBQ sandwiches, noodle soup, chicken nachos…  It was pretty gross.
  2. The Black Mtns north of Asheville, NC, dwarf all of the surrounding mountains.  Truly an impressive sight to behold after days of ridges below 3000 ft.

  5. - Rain falling down on Grandfather Mtn behind me (as I ride away as quickly as I can)