2. - Fresh cold air rushes in the wake of yesterday’s rain

  3. - Mosses and other greenery to the side of a waterfall

  4. - Various green off to the side of a waterfall

  5. - Threatening clouds looming over the parkway in the distance

    near Roanoke, VA

  6. End of Day 4 - Milepost 247, May 15

    "Woke up to it lightly raining and now I’m going to bed with it still coming down.  There was definitely some heavy rain in the middle there, but not at doomsday proportions like the weathermen were predicting (at least where I happened to be riding).   I knew I’d get rained on, but I wasn’t expecting the fog, which never fully went away over all the time I was riding.  Mostly fast riding until the slopes up to Doughton State Park, which made the rain not so bad.  My crossing of the VA/NC border was the only picture I took today." 

    Memorable things about the day:

    • Turtle crossing area!  Please give assistance as needed.  Moved at least two of them from the middle of the road, but was not able to save the third.
    • Salamander in the road - traffic cone color for safety
    • The visibility was so poor most of the day that any pictures I would have tried to take would have been mediocre anyway
    • Not to mention the difficulty to be seen
    • "Yeah, the fenders don’t do very much in this much rain"
    • RIP cyclocomputer.  It could not handle this much wet.
    • "Dang, that creek is SWOLE!"
    • Stopped in a motel for the night since my sleeping bag was wet and needed to dry out.  Ended up doing some much needed bike maintenance right there in the room too.
    • Really glad in retrospect we didn’t get the 5” of rain they were saying we’d get that day.  Would have been straight up dangerous.  2-3” is still a lot, but much less hazardous.
  7. - Campsite at the end of the third day

  8. -Millstones at Mabry Mill

  10. - Mabry Mill